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Interlocking Stove Covers

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Washable stainless steel plates that, on all four edges, have hexagonal bars and holes.

Manufactured in a variety of sizes, these interlocking plates can be fitted over your stovetop when cooking greasy items on one burner and you don't want oil spattering all over the rest of the stove.

Can be extended to rest against the microwave next to the stove to keep it clean, or the coffeemaker, or your utensil cannister.

Easily stored, dishwasher safe, and burnished for style.

shapu, Feb 11 2007


       Perhaps the steel ought to be the Neiman Marcus version, whereas a plastic model retails everywhere else?
shapu, Feb 11 2007

       Maybe they could have hexagonal holes with hexagonal couplings and even hexagonal teas and flexi-hexi connectors so as to make this customizable for all the different stove tops.
quantum_flux, Feb 14 2007

       Judging from the rest of the category's ideas, no-one really cares too much about stoves.
theleopard, Feb 14 2007


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