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new method of frying an egg
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My time in Japan taught me many lessons. One of these is that it's entirely possible to cook an entire meal on a one ring induction cooker. Iron-an-egg takes the quest for compact living one step further.

It's simply a set of attachments that enable your iron to perform cooking functions in addition to the usual smoothing out of wrinkles. The most essential of these attachments is the stand itself, which holds the iron firmly in an upwardly facing aspect. When re-orientated, you can slip off its ironing face and replace it with a number of cooking modules.

The first of these is The Steamer, which harvests the iron's capacity to produce steam, enabling vegetables to be prepared.

The second one is The Clamp, which uses the iron on high heat to directly create toasted sandwiches etc.

The third attachment is called The Pan and is its most versatile. It very simply recreates a Teflon pan with raised sides, upon which a fried egg (for example) may be prepared, and gives the device its collective name.

xenzag, Aug 11 2012

Mess tin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mess_tins
Stunningly versitile [8th of 7, Aug 13 2012]


       This device would take as much space as a single burner and its electronics...
Voice, Aug 11 2012

       Or you could heat a fry pan on the burner and use the back of that to iron your clothes.
sqeaketh the wheel, Aug 12 2012

       An additional adaptation should be a hanging water reservoir which is heated from below by a plate onto which your iron is clamped. Thus one can take a hot shower in a place provided with water and electricity but no hot water.
bungston, Aug 12 2012

       If one were to really get the most out of the humble iron, it would be good to have an iron which could get itself to a glowing, cherry heat. This would be impractical for most clothes but useful for the other described uses.
bungston, Aug 12 2012

       This certainly exists as a specialised branch of travel cuisine. Cans of hot dog sausages can be effectively heated on a travel iron; eggs can be boiled in a hotel-provided kettle by judicious insertion of a folded matchbook to jam the temperature-operated OFF switch. Standard aluminium mess tins <link> are very useable on inverted travel irons.   

       You're a bit behind the curve here, [xen].
8th of 7, Aug 13 2012


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