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Internal Sound System

It's silent and won't cause hearing damage
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This idea is a music playing device which is implanted in the body and interfaces directly with the nervous system. Your music could be as loud as you wanted and others would'nt hear it, and your hearing would be safe. This would also be helpful to the deaf. You would have a data port installed with the device to add music. Controls could be installed somewhere convenient like the back of the hand. Visualisations would also be available, which opens the possibility of video formats.
boombot5000, Feb 28 2001

Baked http://www.cochlearimplant.com/
It's called a "cochlear implant". The surgery is quite invasive, and the sound quality isn't very good, so unless you're deaf you should probably stick with the headphones. [egnor, Feb 28 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Another http://www.cochlear.com/
Another vendor of cochlear implants, for good measure. [egnor, Feb 28 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

BakedHeadphones http://www.headwize.com/faqs.htm#surround
This is a lush effect and it exists already! I think there might be some winamp plug-in that does it... [joddy, Feb 28 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Again, the problem is that the people who play their music so loudly are not playing it for themselves, they're playing it for YOU. So you can see how important they are and how cool, and how they can afford a noisy piece of crap...And completely unclued to the fact that NOBODY CARES...
StarChaser, Mar 03 2001

       Plus, people only seem to "groove along" with their music if its loud enough that you can hear it. It's just to verify that "Yes, my music is in fact very cool. It necessitates my poor enunciation of the lyrics and out-of-key humming".   

       If you couldn't hear the music, you'd probably run over and try and help them with that seizure they're having.
Wes, Mar 03 2001

       i always thought it would be cool if there was a set of headphones or something that would make the sound appear to come from an external source, rather than that feeling of 'pumped straight into your head' you tend to get. So if you were standing in a field listening to them, the music would seem to come from massive invisible speakers, as if a live band were playing. just a thought...
HowardMarks, May 23 2001


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