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International Bellyprep

Postal street food, in advance.
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You have two spare weeks. You want to spend them all kickboxing in Thailand, winning all the girls and fame that Thailand has to offer.

However, most likely after the first week, you will be flattened by local gut bugs, and confined to the bedroom and bathroom, for the following week. All your bouts will be forfeit, and all the women will go to the other competitors.

To prepare for such an event, ring up International Bellyprep a month in advance.

A selection of street food from across your destination city will be posted overnight, vacuum packed, to your door, for a week.

Following this treatment, the gut bugs are free to erupt into a flurry of activity, whilst you remain safe in the arms of a familiar society and toilet.

Within a month your immune system will have erected a suitable defense. At this time, you will be fully prepared to seek foreign shores, and -- without distraction -- all the fame, glory, and women that await.

mylodon, Aug 16 2008


       You may even forgo the trip entirely....
WcW, Aug 16 2008

       So your saying that if I drink Mexican water for a month I'll be immune to its effects?   

       I'll give you a bun for optimism and forethought, but I'm still doubious on whether this is legal or effective.
MisterQED, Aug 16 2008

       In Australia, the food would probably be turned back at the border for bio-security reasons.
pertinax, Aug 17 2008

       I read this as International Bellyflop, which should be an Olympic sport.
RayfordSteele, Aug 17 2008


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