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Internet goods appraisal

Low cost or fee based appraisals online
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Antique Road Show is a popular Public Broadcasting TV show in the U.S. people,sometimes not interested in selling, bring in antiques to the show to get free appraisals. Since not everyone is able to make it to the Road Show I suggest that more popular Internet auction and answer sites offer free or low cost professional appraisals as a means to bring in viewers and help viewers at the same time. One could consider this an auction/answer site "loss leader."
Sunstone, Apr 11 2007

mythings http://www.mythings.com/
mythings.com does this now for free but there is a very small audience of appraisers (non-professional I suspect) [Sunstone, Apr 12 2007]


       If mythings already does this, then isn't this a "like this, only more so" kind of unoriginal idea? And professional appraisal services are widespread, even if television programs are not.   

       P.S. Antiques Roadshow appears on British television as well.
DrCurry, Apr 12 2007

       We get both versions over here and I always found the pommie version to be much more interesting. Probably to do with having more history or something.
Custardguts, Apr 12 2007


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