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Rapid Idea Evolution

Multitudes of people working on projects with no effort
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The technology may be a few years off.

We can all see the web trends moving towards highly interlinked shared interest communitites (blogs, RSS), philanthropic product evolution by sheer force of number (sourceforge, wikipedia etc) and the advance of personal communication technology.

A method, means and program to deliver an idea to individuals (in a linked community) that will elicit an immediate response from all concerned that will rapidly evolve the product or idea into whatever form it has been designed for or is simply destined to be.

Ideas and concepts, in the form of whatever electronic impulses that fire the correct pattern of neurons, would be delivered direct to the parts of the brain responsible for processing and eliciting a response. Or for the next few years it could be delivered via multimedia technology - a picture or a sound. A proper reasoned response would not be neccessary - the brain works much faster. It would be idea evolution on an emotional reaction time scale with thousands of people.

Im not talking vulcan mind meld here but something more community based. It could use mobile phones/terminals to read brain waves and immediately give a response. Think of a half bakery 12.0 with millions of people directly wired and minimal response time for ideas.

You would garner specialists on each topic to form the initial idea and then you could mass market research, adapt and evolve the idea, re-survey until the perfect product/policy/judgement has been designed.

Ad. For judgements/policies this is of course working under the assumption that everyone at heart knows the difference between good and evil. The technology of course could be put to bad use and maybe would be, (even if it was started on a "do no evil" basis, someone may use it to populate forced labour camps...)

wongmeister, Feb 17 2006

Global Computer Model for Gloabl Warming http://www.bbc.co.u...pics/climatechange/
You may want to look at this...... [xenzag, Feb 17 2006]

Naked Women Shopping for Shoes with Naughty Monkeys Naked_20women_20sho...20naughty_20monkeys
As recommended by ConsulFlaminicus [DrBob, Feb 17 2006]


       We did this here once and came up with "Naked women shopping for shoes with naughty monkeys." as the perfect (television) product.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 17 2006

       I loved that show. I have all of season 1 on tape.
bungston, Feb 17 2006

       rapid protoskyping
JesusHChrist, Feb 17 2006

       bigsleep - of course it does. Im going by the assumption that the more input, faster and targeted imput, the better (over a large sample size). This would be a mechanism to collaborate - on a neurological level. In terms of garnering opinion, some democracies have proved US that the general opinion is not neccessarily the right one but this would be more for honing, in the true spirit of open source, than generation. Of course, profiling similar to your neurometrical gauge would have to occur so that the sample size was "where the idea is at".
wongmeister, Feb 17 2006

       See link - this is not the neuro networks you describe, but it is a practical example of a serious attempt to create an accurate climate model.   

       The harder part will be convincing the Village Idiot that his policies are the cause of it, as they are part of an even more powerful, already well evolved network, (well as in oil-well) - the Global Moron Network.
xenzag, Feb 17 2006

       Whatever happened to the good old days when you just hung somebody upside down until an idea fell out?   

       Actually, my favorite way of generating ideas is: teenager + beer + gymnastics equipment...   

       well, I didn't say generating _good_ ideas.
pathetic, Feb 17 2006


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