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Internet of Tings

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Monitor and control your steel pan dums while away from home.
bob, Nov 28 2016

Fun band, [Ian] - That's Not My Name http://www.fanpop.c...hats-not-name-photo
The Ting Tings [normzone, Nov 28 2016]


       [marked-for-deletion] made for the pun
Voice, Nov 28 2016

       Maybe we should rename the Halfbakery "The Internet of Thinks".
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 28 2016

       [Voice] "made for the pun" is not sufficient reason to delete an idea. Creating an idea with the intent of arriving at a carefully crafted pun is a long-established and honourable mode of Halfbakery authorship. It is only when the idea also lacks other features, like solving a real problem, inventiveness, practicality and cleverness that it might become worthy of deletion.
hippo, Nov 28 2016

       ...Because there's a market for monitoring percussion instruments? This idea lacks everything you mention.
Voice, Nov 28 2016

       I didn't say it had those things - I said that the [mfd] reason should not be that it was created around a pun.
hippo, Nov 29 2016

       Will the mafia become "The Internet of Thugs" ?
popbottle, Nov 30 2016


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