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Text to speech function that demands attention via tone and volume of voice
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In England people que up to get on busses, in India people pile on 7 at a time. In America we have tried to balance it out by encouraging a que-related literature cannon, while encouraging 7-at-a-time political debate.

Conversations in the US usually start with a burst of loud mutual stuttering until the stutter with the greatest volume and passion breaks through and becomes a well-ordered and queued- up statement that gradually loses emotional steam, eventually leaving room for the emergence of another stutter-fight. The result is attention deficit culture.

This makes it hard for Americans to read visual text silently (on the subway or in a crowded office for instance) because we are always regarding audio conversations as legitimate competitors for our attention, rather than background noise.

The "Interruptotron" is a text to speech application that reads digital text out loud using a synthesized voice, and modulates the volume according to background" audio input, so that if there is competing conversation, the Interruptotron will get louder and start to stutter until it is loudest against the background noise and then continue as if it had won the competition for attention.

JesusHChrist, Nov 05 2012


spidermother, Nov 05 2012

       so my audio book is aggressive and obnoxious?
WcW, Nov 05 2012

       and due to the country that I happen to have been born in, I am both incapable of reasoned conversation and have an attention disorder?
WcW, Nov 05 2012

       [+] Why just modulate the volume ? a bit of range-finding and   

       "... We traveled in a small hydroplane, and in some places in native canoes, along narrow river channels so choked with tangled vegetation overhead that in bright daylight it seemed dark HEY YOU SHADDAPAYOUFACE ! as night. The strength and the solitude of Nature – the tall trees, the mirror-smooth lagoons, the immutable rivers – WANNA KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE ? NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR FICUS brought to mind a newly created world, untouched by man, a paradise of plants and animals. When we reached the tribes, by contrast, there before us was prehistory, the elemental, primeval existence of our distant ancestors..."
FlyingToaster, Nov 05 2012


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