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music collection completer

A way to help you fill your music collection
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I would like something that will read in my iTunes library and figure out my favorite artists based on my ratings. Then it should search some database to find songs that I dont already have for my favorite artist. Then it should automatically order these songs for me on allofmp3.com or similar music store up to a dollar limit that I specify. It should download these and automatically put them into iTunes.

I would gladly pay money to get more songs from artists that I already like, but its a pain to do this manually.

Bonus points if it uses some sort of collaborative filter to only order highly rated songs from my favorite artists.

offsky, Apr 08 2005

Audioscrobbler http://www.audioscr.../user/neilphillips/
check out what I was listening to. [neilp, Apr 08 2005]

Music Plasma http://www.musicplasma.com/
This is driven on the back-end with Amazon data. (Flash player required) [krelnik, Apr 08 2005]


       This would get tricky for someone like me, who HATES 90% of the rehashed live material that exists for so many bands. Not that I don't like hearing music live, just that I don't like hearing it unless I'm actually there.
You could easily blow a few paychecks with Pearl Jam.
AfroAssault, Apr 08 2005

       I likey. How'bout ordering songs with similar sounds for the listener to peruse and order if they wish. This may help launch more garage bands.   

       what you really want is Audioscrobbler.com and it rocks. It doesn't do the downloading and searching (that would be illegal) but it does the crucial recommendation stuff.
neilp, Apr 08 2005

       Surely, for the real completists, the easiest way to do this would be to go to a music shop and order the band's entire back-catalogue on CD?   

       But I'm with [Braubeaton] here - not every song even your most favourite band in the world makes will be one you like - there are quite a few albums in my collection containing songs that invariably get flicked through in the CD player. The "highly rated songs" part doesn't work for me (although this is just me you understand), I tend to find that songs which I love are those which normally wouldn't be the higher rated ones...   

       And as regards recommending similar artists, amazon does that and so does Kerrang! magazine - all their reviews have a "If you like this you'll love..." on the end.
kmlabs, Apr 08 2005

       Check out Music Plasma (see link). It is done with the Amazon API accessing their database of "people who bought x also bought y" data, to show you artists that you may also like. This would be a good way to expand your collection that you don't explicitly mention. Since this is a published API, you could definitely bake the solution you propose.   

       //who HATES 90% of the rehashed live material that exists for so many bands//
Further evidence of how music tastes and music itself varies so much: For a couple of my favorite bands, exactly the opposite is true. I find their live recordings much more exciting and fun than their studio stuff, and therefore seek out any extra stuff along those lines that I can get. A peculiarity of jazz artists, I guess.
krelnik, Apr 08 2005


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