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Intertwined, Multiple Speed Walking/Jogging/Riding Paths

Joggers, walkers and bike riders can all workout together, just pick your path.
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I like jogging along side my little girl as she rides her bike but I can barely keep up with her when she really gets going. My wife prefers walking to jogging so we're mismatched in speed there as well. What would be really nice is if we could all go walking, running and riding together. The idea is to have two or three paths that follow generally the same route but are of different lengths, the longer zig-zagging across the shorter. Picture a dollar sign or that medical symbol with the snakes coiled around the staff. The straight path (staff) would be for the walkers, the longer circuitous path (snake) for runners and the longest path (uhhh, longer snake) could be for bikers.

You could even take mom or dad, grandma or grandpa for a walk without dying of boredom. If they're really slow, you could walk the bike course to be going the same speed as them on the walking path. Have an appropriate workout for your respective fitness levels and still be able to chat while having a stroll through the park.

You'd have to take a little care not to bump into the other person when your paths crossed but I think anybody with a triple digit I.Q. would probably do okay.

Landscape architects could have a lot of fun making these look nice as well.

doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2008

Caduceus symbol to show general idea http://www.lyitl.or.../Medical_Symbol.gif
Gives the general idea of how the paths of different lengths would lead to the same place. [doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2008]




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