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CGI + exercise = bad, mmkay?
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My wife was exercising to a pilates DVD. She kept complaining about how far the instructor could bend when she could barely adopt the required position.

We could take this concept further. The first few exercises could gradually increase in difficulty at a level that was easy to follow. Thereafter they get harder and harder until CGI kicks in and the instructor starts, unnoticeably at first, to do the impossible. She might bounce on the spot, jumping six inches off the ground, then twelve, then three feet - just credible enough that you might think it was real - and then begin to pirouette at the top of each jump, until eventually she's managing 1080 degree spins. Equally, a programme of stretches could end with the instructor tying her leg in a knot (a good stretch for the hamstrings!).

Careful attention to detail would be necessary to minimise the chance of someone doing themselves an injury while trying to fit both feet in their left ear. Either that, or a detailed waiver?

david_scothern, May 26 2008


       This would be a great idea for a "candid camera" sort of show - get an unsuspecting fitness guru to try out the latest aerobics excercise DVD, and become increasingly but belatedly incredulous.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 26 2008

       But even the normal exercise DVDs are like this ....   

       Aren't they ?
8th of 7, May 26 2008

       I like Max's take on this...   

       Now I have a mental image of the Borg, all failing to pull off a particular stretch in perfect unison. It's a slightly traumatic image to be presented with at bedtime.
david_scothern, May 26 2008

       evil [+]
daseva, May 27 2008

       // slightly traumatic image //   

       Be assured, the reality is much worse than the image....... <GROAN>
8th of 7, May 27 2008

       Jeremy Beadle is dead, long live David Scothern. A bun for your evil work.
Bad Jim, May 27 2008

       Would be even better if by the end of the dvd they had mysteriously grown an additional leg. Hail [scothern] ! [+]
xenzag, May 27 2008

       Sick, in a bunnable kind of way.
MikeD, May 27 2008

       I thought exercise DVDs were already full of impossible stuff.
Ozone, Jun 05 2008


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