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Inverse (species-wise) superheroes

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I mean like what happens to a spider that gets bitten by a radioactive human*? Admittedly it would have to be a smallish human and quite a large spider to survive the event.

Would the spider lose 4 legs turn into a mild mannered reporter, only to emerge at night as Manspider and go beat the crap out of people with an enormous rolled up newspaper.

* I blame the bananas.

not_morrison_rm, Nov 13 2015


pocmloc, Nov 13 2015

       Manbat: a fruit bat who dresses up in a little human costume and drives around in his manmobile, a flesh-coloured, scale-model of a Lincoln Futura that has various prosthetic human appendages superglued on to its exterior.
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 13 2015

       The Black Lagoon from the Creature.
pertinax, Nov 14 2015

travbm, Nov 14 2015


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