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Inverted bayberry bush candle

Grow a bayberry bush upside down; put the focus of a solar collector of it; let the wax drip into a jar, and you have an eternal candle.
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how to make an eternal candle, or at least the lifetime of a bayberry bush.

grow the bayberry bush upside down or sideways

have a solar reflector focus on the bayberry bush once a day. (so as to let the plant live)

collect the wax in a jar with a floating carbon wick.

It just goes and goes.

beanangel, Jan 13 2018

waxy plants if bayberry does not work http://www.pfaf.org...page.aspx?pageid=47
[beanangel, Jan 13 2018]


       If you can perfect the technique of growing plants upside down then I'm sure it will find numerous other applications.   

       I've often thought that ceilings tend to be desolate wastelands. A few inverted houseplants would spruce them up nicely, I imagine.
Wrongfellow, Jan 13 2018

       Does it smell of napalm in the morning ... ?   

       Nothing else in the world smells like that ...
8th of 7, Jan 13 2018

       I was thinking this might be a candle which is upside- down, so as to trap the aroma of bayberry beneath it. An opaque container over the upside-down candle could also prevent the light from the candle from being seen.
bungston, Jan 13 2018

       // If you can perfect the technique of growing plants upside down then I'm sure it will find numerous other applications.//   

       It's been perfected. Plants grow toward light. Control the light source and you control whether they grow up or down.   

       You can make them grow in curlicues if you want. Check out a site called arborsmith for some examples.   


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