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lo-tech invisibility through gamification of real life
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I think playing Bejeweled teaches you to intuit the basic rules for how stuff works in the real world, as in how things like molecules move in relation to eachother in an environment.

Bejewelled is a game that is displayed as a 3D array with two dimensions displayed spatially and one dimension displayed in color. In each move you compress the "image" by resolving a minimal 4 tiled algorithm.

The rules of this game I think must be the same as in fluid dynamics - must apply to the movement of tetrahedral divisions of a 3D space, in relation to eachother.

So if you got really good at Bejewelled, then maybe you would be able to find the tipping point between resolving equations one step at a time and intuiting gestural information at a large scale, for instance the way brains recognize faces or gaits.

And if you could intuit this kind of thing then where in the real world would be the bottleneck where it would come into measurable play, and I was thinking that that would probably be the limit of eye-contact - so the gustural information you get from other people whom you almost come into eye-contact with.

So where to practice it would be in crowds, without looking at anyone directly. You could probably learn, with your Bejewelled skills mapped onto the saccades of eye-contact, to influence, subtlety and smoothly, other people's attentions and eventually their actions. So if you really practiced you could walk through a crowd and not be noticed -- by Bejewlling everyone's eyecontact away from you.


JesusHChrist, Jun 07 2012



       This can be done by staying always in a person's blind spot, but to intuit the ever shifting blind spots of an entire crowd, well... that would really be a thing now wouldn't it?   

       Doesn't work in areas with cctv. Cameras don't have punctum caecum's.   

       // So if you got really good at Bejewelled, //   

       I could swear I've read that line before... several times before.
Alterother, Jun 13 2012


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