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Invisible union

A union that workers are a representative of, so they carry out the employer facing role
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Companies actively try suppress and destroy unionisation attempts in industries that are not unionised. So employees have no leverage.

I propose an invisible union is one where people join and do not tell their employer about. And everybody who is a member takes a stand individually.

The idea is that the organisation is not the face that employers talk to but the individual members of the union. The union discuss every job application in detail (pay, hours, conditions) and candidates go back to the union to pass on any information about their application or negotiation process.

chronological, Jun 22 2020


       Would this have any legal implications?   

       What if someone snitches to the employer?   

       In some technical sense everyone at the factory could be considered an employee of the organisation right up to the top. How high does this Union membership and/or the secrecy surrounding it go?
pocmloc, Jun 22 2020

       Yeah, but what are the technical details behind the implementation of such anonymity? Anonymity is generally a non-trivial matter in on its own. Even the people that created silkroad behind TOR had been de-anonymized. How does this "invisible union" work on the technical level?
Mindey, Jun 22 2020

       Can a company require you not share hiring process information with another organisation?
chronological, Jun 22 2020

       //Can a company require// I'm sure it's trivial to write a legally watertight non-disclosure clause into any contract.
pocmloc, Jun 22 2020

       I guess the contract only applies once you're working for a company.   

       You can get away with disclosure in the recruitment process. I hope contracts aren't changed or a invisible union is impossible.
chronological, Jun 22 2020


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