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mindey \ mindey / com :)


Currently, mainly focused on The Infinity Project:


[Jul 14 2014, last modified Oct 08 2019]

(+3, -1) Appless Merge OS / DB
(+5) Auditory Screen
 Booster Ideas
(+2) ClipText
(+5, -2) Cocoon Chute Seats
 Color-coded identity band
 Decimal Time
(+1) Default Interlingual Synsets
 Diary 2.0
 dlog: Digital Time Capsule
 Dolphin Innovation Challenge
 Elevator King
(+4) Emergency Flying Blood Pumps
(+2) Energy Wallet
(-4) Explanation of Origin of Universe
(+4) Extraterrestrial Nanolaser Transceivers
(+4) Eyeglass mask
(+4) Halfmakery
(+1) Idea Definition Language
(+2, -1) Information Rocket
(+5) Is It Me Test
(+2) K-12 Surgery
(+4) Labeling Gitifier
 Landing Page-less Services
(+5) Microwave Ultrasound Cryonics
(+2) Mountable Websites
(+2, -1) Night Photon Registry
(+4, -2) Normalization
(+1) Old RadioCasts
(+5) Open Distributed Scientific Annotations Cloud
 Private Description
 Rubber Space Elevator
(+2) Search for Non-Ribonucleic Life
(+2) Software Development IDE as Lists Editor
(+2) Stickable Face Scales as Makeup
 Temporal mirror
(+5, -4) Time Machine Curing
(+3, -2) TrueWorld
(+1) Wise Exploration
(+2, -5) World Dream Forum

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