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Iodized Salty Snacks

Your gourmet/premium snack just got better
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What, no generic "snacks" subcategory???

In the grocery store you can find containers of salt in two basic types. There is "ordinary" salt (Iess expensive), and then there is "iodized" salt (more expensive). People are encouraged to buy the iodized salt because iodine is an essential nutrient in the diet, and lots of folks don't get enough from other foods.

It has occurred to me that the overall/generic "snacks" industry is often reviled for selling "junk food" --and a lot of that food is rather salty. Perhaps they could improve their image by using iodized salt in their recipes, instead of plain ordinary salt. I tend to think that any salty snack that especially promotes itself as being a "gourmet" or "premium" type would jump at this Idea.

Vernon, Nov 18 2013

Too little iodine and ... http://en.wikipedia...i/Iodine_deficiency
As implied in the main text. [Vernon, Nov 18 2013]


       //I tend to think that any salty snack that especially promotes itself as being a "gourmet" or "premium" type would jump at this Idea.//   

       Except that in the countries where such “gourmet” or “premium” snacks might be purchased, iodine deficiency has already been effectively eliminated.
ytk, Nov 18 2013

       It is not beyond the wit of food manufacturers to include a substantial porportion of the RDA of most vitamins, minerals and trace elements without affecting the product.   

       Breakfast cereal manufacturers have been doing it for decades.   

       At last, pork scratchings make the leap into the "healthy" category !
8th of 7, Nov 18 2013

       Saltpeter used to be added to lots of foods.
bungston, Nov 18 2013

       Sp. "Saltpetre" ...   

       // used to be added to lots of foods //   

       ... including "rum and gunpowder*", a beverage with a ... unique ... flavour.   

       *We recommend Meal A BP, as even 5F tends to give it a somewhat gritty texture.
8th of 7, Nov 18 2013


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