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Kitchen Bandsaw

Bread knife, cleaver, electric knife and chainsaw, all in one!
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'Ask your butcher to cut the bones'--pah! Winch the moose carcass into the truck, drive 2 hours into town over unploughed frozen back roads, and pay dineros for the butcher to have all the fun?! Nope.

Instead, we hauled the leg bones into the shop, where we used Trusty Rusty, our ancient and venerable--and completely unhygienic--bandsaw to cut nice longitudinal sections of bone, ready for roasting at 450F for 15 minutes.

A proper Kitchen Bandsaw is, of course, lubricated with hemp oil. The table is anti-bacterial, and the whole case washable (7000 psi pressure washer should do it). The blade tension scale starts at 'sourdough bread', goes all the way up to 'Uncle Art's fruitcake'. Imagine carving the turkey with the Kitchen Bandsaw!

Food guide, finger guard and Kitchen MIssion protective eyewear Goggles sold separately.

Sgt Teacup, Mar 09 2019

Kitchen Jigsaw kitchen_20jigsaw
[Voice, Mar 11 2019]


       Strange, people suddenly leaving their spouse, for no apparent reason, has sky rocketed.
wjt, Mar 09 2019

       Power tools in the kitchen = automatic [+]
pocmloc, Mar 09 2019

       I learned the other day that one of my friends has a power drill designated for kitchen use.
notexactly, Mar 09 2019

       Many many years ago I saw a video online (perhaps even before Youtube was invented) showing two men in the kitchen; cutting cheese with an angle grinder, assembling a sandwich using a nailgun, etc. I thought it was quite reasonable and didn't realise at first that other TV cookery shows didn't work like that.
pocmloc, Mar 09 2019

       //Power tools in the kitchen = automatic [+]// [pocmloc], I know, right?!   

       //showing two men in the kitchen// Did they also toast the bread with the propane torch? I built a metal rack toaster for use on the woodstove. My torch gets used for crème brûlée and meringue.   

       While not power tools, I have 3 pair of kitchen scissors: One heavy duty for meat tendons and thick bacon, regular for pizza, and light scissors to take the teabag off the tea (who likes the taste of boiled bag?!). And surely the hammer was invented first as a meat tenderizer.   

       A small whisk fits the power drill--for use with small amounts of whipping cream to garnish the morning coffee, for example--and is easier to clean than the entire KitchenAid mixer.
Sgt Teacup, Mar 09 2019

       Scissors for pizza? Doesn't that mean you have to lift the pizza? I like the rocker-style pizza cutter. Works well, doesn't disturb the toppings much, and is easy to clean.
notexactly, Mar 09 2019

       A friend of mine has a "kitchen use" bandsaw. It isn't in his kitchen right now, but it has been (and should be...). He's a pig hunter.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 10 2019

       [Voice], your Jigsaw is handheld, which is excellent for smaller jobs, such as slicing crusty bread and turkey. The Bandsaw version has the stability of a wider footprint, thus the ability to charge through larger/bulkier items, such as moose femurs. Why not both in the kitchen?!   

       Not recommended for [wjt]'s human disposal project (?) since parts under the cowling are hard to completely clean of DNA evidence.
Sgt Teacup, Mar 11 2019

       Cutting things in the kitchen with an extremely high pressure water jet would be more hygienic.
hippo, Mar 11 2019

       Highly inadvisable and potentially lethal repurposing of power tools [+].
8th of 7, Mar 11 2019


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