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Ion cannon

Clean up Los Angeles
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Recently while in LA I was impressed by the copious green smog. Negative ion generators are marketed for clearing up air pollution on a smaller scale. I propose ion cannons be mounted on the hills around Los Angeles and trained so that the stream of ions is directed at the smog, at an altitude of about 1000 feet. The smog would then condense and rain out, leading to clearer air. A new nuclear plant may be needed to supply the energy-hungry cannons, but nukes do not pollute the air.

I did find another ion idea in this category and link it below. Maybe it is the same idea? I cannot tell.

bungston, Jan 30 2003

Ions and clean air. http://www.bright.net/~comtech/
[bungston, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Ion related idea of some sort. http://www.halfbake.../reduce_20pollution
[bungston, Oct 05 2004]

Ion Cannon http://www.starwars...on/img/movie_bg.jpg
[bungston, Oct 05 2004]

Clean Air for LA http://www.aqmd.gov/monthly/weird.html
Just a few of the (ahem) half-baked ideas that have been seriously considered to reduce LA's air pollution problems. [jurist, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       That's not smog, that's haze. Unless you're in San Gabriel Valley, then that's smog. How recently was this? It was gloriously clear for quite a stretch recently, with clear city/mountain views for many miles, let alone - the view of the Universe. I live in lower elevations of Hollywood Hills, so - NIMBY. You didn't write, you didn't call...
thumbwax, Jan 30 2003

       Why is it green ?
skinflaps, Jan 30 2003

       Must have been St. Patrick's Day. Chicago dyes its river; We dye our air.   

       Actually, bungston's idea is slightly reminiscent of an idea that got serious attention back during Sam Yorty's mayoral administration (1961-73). It was proposed to install huge fans in tunnels through the mountains surrounding the Los Angeles Basin to blow all that accumulated smog into the desert. Someone finally got out their slide rule on that one and did the math. It didn't happen. (link)
jurist, Jan 30 2003

       This was just last week. That was haze? Serious haze! I still would like to shoot some ions into it.
bungston, Jan 30 2003

       Hmm... all that static electricity... just waiting...
X2Entendre, Jan 31 2003

       Why not fit an ion generator on each vehicle, with the emitter needles positioned in an array around the exhaust, thus precipitating the polutants as close as possible to their point of generation, before they disperse ?   

       How much of the smog is actually caused by particulates ? I thought it was mainly oxides of Nitrogen. I've been in it, it's pretty awful.
8th of 7, Jan 31 2003

       Just nuke Los Angeles. The contamination can't be any worse than what's already there.
kropotkin, Jan 31 2003


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