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nitrogne for the ground oxygen for the air
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so i was thinking to my self....nox gasses are bad for the environment right? cars account for what 45% of the atmospheres nitrous oxide gases. So why not cut that down and turn it into somehting good. So what is nitrogen good for, well i started thinking plants love nitrogne in soil for growth.....but u still have oxygen, perfect nobody can complain 'bout some more oxygen in the atmosphere. So what if there was a system created liek a catalytic converter....which had the necessary chemicals to break the nitrogen oxygen bonds, and produce a reserve of nitrogen and release oxygen. Then take the nitrogen reserves and make them into plugs for soil which you use after you airate ur lawn? good idea? any helpful suggestions
kyle_solomon, May 05 2003

(?) Green Car http://www.artcars..../images/gcar04.jpeg
[Amos Kito, Oct 06 2004]


       UnaBubba, that pun is absolutely awful. Pray, take me under your wing and teach me this mystic art.
Eugene, May 05 2003

Welcome to the Halfbakery.

       A majority of the gas emitted by a car is nitrogen (N2) in the form of air. This is quite a few steps away from nitrogen fertilizer. Plants can use nitrogen in one of two forms: ammonium nitrogen (NH4+) or nitrate nitrogen (NO3-). Neither of these is gaseous.   

       If ya really want to please your plant, concentrate the CO2 and plug them with that!
Cedar Park, May 05 2003

       The problem is that nitrogen gas is about as stable as you can get (a triple bond--many explosives such as trinitrotoluene -TNT- are based on this fact); converting it to anything else takes quite a bit of energy. Some bacteria can make ammonia from nitrogen, and they live sympiotically in the root nodules of legumes, I think.
mandy, May 06 2003

       You toads have totally missed the point here: nitrogen oxides: NOx. Kyle is right - these are emitted in exhaust and are bad. It is not clear to me where they come from, though - there should not be much reduced nitrogen in fossil fuels.   

       I think the evidence of a true halfbaked idea here is the direct conversion of car waste into beneficial lawn plugs. This reminds me of my idea, "Car Dung", which I will post soon for the general edification.
bungston, May 12 2003

       Dude - the plugs! That is why it must be made into plugs!
bungston, May 12 2003

       This idea actually can work. NOx production used to be part of commercial fertilizer production in the early part of the century.   

       Also, you can produce nitric acid from the NOx, which can be used to produce nitrates.   

       Unfortunately, the reason this isn't done is that the equipment needed to to this would be large, and expensive, and not suitable for use on a vehicle.
anticyclone, Nov 15 2004


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