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New Car Smell Valve

I read that new car smell is actually toxic solvents, and that cars outgass kilograms during their first year. Simply have a foam or PTFE valve make the car outgass twenty times faster
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I read that New Car Smell is toxic [link], so just have a passive barrier valve cause it to exit the car many times faster.

What is a passive barrier valve? Just think of memory foam mattress toppers, they exapand and become more air-passable when slightly warmed and automatically shrink when cool. This would make cars hyperporous on warm days, improving outgassing. PTFE-tex might just keep external odors out, or it might not.

beanangel, May 10 2017

Volvo likes ridding its vehicles of that new car smell. https://www.edmunds...smell-be-toxic.html
[beanangel, May 10 2017]


       There are plenty of smelly things you could have in your car that are not toxic.   


       I wonder what Hertz or Avis would say about losing the new car smell early from their rental fleet.
popbottle, May 10 2017

       You seem to be proposing to make flow easier (overall) by adding a (variable) restriction.
notexactly, May 13 2017

       Do cars not have openable windows nowadays?
pocmloc, May 13 2017


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