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Ipod touch DJ app

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I do not actually own an Ipod touch, but I know that there are many downloadable apps for it, some of which are free, others paid for. This is just an idea for an app.

The app basically has a picture of a record on a turntable, turning at a certain speed. When you drag your finger across the on-screen record, it slows down, speeds up or reverses direction depending on how you "moved" the record, and the track that is currently playing changes accordingly. If you don't move the on screen record, it gradually returns to it's normal direction and speed along with the actual music that's playing. If you "hold" the record in place, it stops, and the music stops too. Basically, the music plays normally until you "move" the onscreen record, and then the music reacts accordingly.

I highly doubt you'd see actual DJs using this at a performance- this is just an "Itoy" (I know there was a video game on PS2 with a camera called "I-toy" but that's totally irrelevant to this idea :) I don't think you should be able to "bump" the needle of the record by touching it though because then it would be too easy to "bump" by mistake, or be really small-or maybe the ability to move the on-screen needle by touching it should be an option you can disable.

This sort of thing has been done in the form of a *CD PLAYER* with a fake turn table on top that does the same sort of thing, basically controlling the rotation speed of the actual CD to simulate "DJ-ing" a record.

If this has been done already, feel free to say so. Remember, I don't have an Ipod touch, so I wouldn't really know much about the application selection on those things.

Dickcheney6, Jan 18 2009

Scratch application for iPod touch http://www.mixmeist...ratch/mmscratch.asp
[jutta, Jan 18 2009]




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