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Iron Mow

This may well revolutionise multi-tasking your daily chores
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Attach to the front of a ride-on lawn mower an ironing board, horizontally on top of the bonnet, just in front of the steering wheel. The driver may place his or her washed clothes in a basket behind their seat and remove articles and iron them as they mow the lawn.

Alternatively they may park the lawn mower in the lounge room and watch television as they fold and press - perhaps tooting the horn now and again for effect.

The iron should run off a steam powered device connected to the engine, or from the battery.

If it looks like rain, an umbrella like canopy can be assembled in minutes.

The ironing board can also be utilised for other daily tasks as you mow, such as preparing meals, changing diapers, tax forms etc.

benfrost, Jul 20 2005

extreme ironing http://www.extremeironing.com/
hu hu hu! [Zimmy, Jul 21 2005]


       <taps bad-taste-o-meter. Fails to detect anything. Damn thing must be broken> OK, what have you done with the real [benfrost]?
coprocephalous, Jul 20 2005

       I don't get it: isn't mowing the lawn exciting enough, without adding the novelty of completing tax returns? If I did both at once, I would probably have to go and lie down afterwards.
Ling, Jul 20 2005

       Steering can be difficult, but with practice you will get the hang of it.
benfrost, Jul 21 2005

       "extreme ironing" resurfaces.
normzone, Jul 21 2005

       Just the place to tidy up with an iron rake -- with wood spools on either end tine in case there's a rip.
reensure, Jul 21 2005


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