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Lawn Art

A lawn is worth a thousand words
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Add a power height adjustment to the wheels of a mower and contol the grass height as a function of location. Just imagine - Your favorite team is playing this week? Make a lawn logo and some words of encouragement. How about a weekly lawn maze for the kids? Why not have a Japanese lawn garden with grass rippling away from trees? The neighbors would certainly enjoy the latest Playboy cover etched into your lawn. Morning and evening will provide the best contrast for this weeky canvas.

A binary (high/low) system should be adequate for most pictures. I envision a 1"-2" height variation. Use a computer to generate a desired picture that is downloaded into the computerized mower. Then just cut the lawn as usual and the mower pops up and down as necessary to vary the heights according to the picture. It will feel like running over virtual bumps in the lawn to the person mowing. Note that the resolution of the picture is only limited by the size of the mower (and the time you're willing to invest mowing). My 10' x 10' lawn would need about a 6" width mower to make an interesting picture.

The height control should be straightforward with electric actuators. The position sensor may be challenging. GPS is unlikely to have sufficient resolution. Several acoustic sensors could triangulate the position from the mower sounds (see shotspotter.com) but walls or hills might pose a problem. An arrangement of carefully located RF transmitters around the lawn and a receiver on the mower would probably be most reliable and accurate.

dweeb, Jul 07 2003

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       If your going to have it know its position why not just make it automated? (+)
silverstormer, Jul 07 2003

       I think something like this has been done sans technology but you could add a computerized air brush attachment with colored lime and make it more original.
sartep, Jul 07 2003

       Low Rider Lawn tractors?
Zimmy, Jul 07 2003

       Trees, bumps, new rocks, children - a lot of highly adaptive smarts and safety features are needed for full automation. I look at automation as a completely different and much more difficult issue.
dweeb, Jul 07 2003

       I think the positional side of the automation is one of the hardest bit to overcome.
silverstormer, Jul 08 2003

       Our young friend [austere] posted this idea here once, but it's long gone. It's still a good idea. +
half, Jul 08 2003

       // since his mother chucked an utter wobbly at us//
silverstormer, Jul 08 2003

       Although the general idea of grass art exists - for manicured professional gardens, the essence of the idea is to bring it down to the average lawn with straightforward technology where the art changes on a weekly basis. Any coloration, fertilizer, or other quasi-permanent methods defeat the purpose.   

       My congrats to [austere] for the original idea - I wish I could have read and commented on it. Did I miss the good old days when this group was sinful? Damn! - Oops, I mean darn!
dweeb, Jul 08 2003

       The NY Times had a great article on the patterns that baseball teams mow into their fields, with some stunning designs.   

       I'm not sure you could get a decent picture out of a 10' lawn, but I certainly applaud the attempt.
DrCurry, Jul 08 2003

       "Topiary" includes lawn?
bristolz, Jul 08 2003

       I like the sound of that phrase, "chucked an utter wobbly".
What is that, a cricket reference?

       (later): Ah, there it is, "chuck a wobbly" = "throw a tantrum". Rather like the American expression, "pitched a fit", I guess.
half, Jul 08 2003

       great idea, more fun and art in the world cant hurt anyone. they should sell large lawn stencil kits for the people who cant quite get the hang of it.
jelly jim, Apr 22 2006


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