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Ironing Waffles Nonstop

Individual, conveyor belt, waffle machine
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“Thanks, uh…Sara. That was a fantastic evening and night.”
“I had fun too. It’s good you could stay for breakfast.”
“Yeah, I’m famished. Hey, what’s this three inch by six inch chrome box by my plate? A toaster, mini-grill? Ouch!”
“Watch it, Tony. It’s hot. Why, that’s a personal waffle iron. See that waffle slowly coming out right onto your plate?”
“Wow, cool! So I can just slice and eat it as it emerges?”
“Yes, that’s the great thing about it. If you have to leave your seat, turn it off there, and the hopper stops dispensing batter to the flexible metal, conveyer belts.”
“So, the batter pours onto the bottom belt and bakes between the hot, profiled belts in a continuous stream? Yowie!”
“Right, it takes about one minute to travel through the machine, so you get four square inches every 20 seconds.”
“25 square centimeters! And it’s dripping hot butter and syrup on the waffle strip, too?”
“Yeah, there are also hoppers for those. Or maybe you wanted jam?”
“No, thanks, these…er this waffle is perfect. I feel I’m getting my energy back. Uh, maybe you’d fancy another massage after breakfast?”
“Sure, and later I can show you the machine’s options for making really long ice cream cones or retreads for extra large athletic shoes.”
FarmerJohn, Oct 06 2003


       do you want to come up and see my..... non-stop wafflemachine?
po, Oct 06 2003

       Why yes.. yes I would.
madradish, Oct 06 2003

       Just leave the money on the neverending dresser. +
k_sra, Oct 06 2003


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