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Irritating Walker

How to irritate other walkers.
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The idea came to me after driving on a motorway and after noticing the peculiarity of walking overtaking's. After long spells of looking at another walker's back as you edge ever closer, on approaching the stranger you seem to get a strange speed boost, whereby you overtake them quickly and barely walk side by side at all. It may be that the slower walker slows to avoid the possibility of an awkward moment or two.

My game is this, you act out the part of the slow walker, but exaggerate it to increase the fun. When a speed walker comes past expecting to power past you, you pickup the pace and time it so that you are walking side by side with a complete stranger. They will feel stupid. To escape the scenario, even more so. Either they will try to slow, which you will mirror until they must stop, or they will speed up which you can mirror forcing them into a slow jog. Depending on commitment to the game, you may wish to make them sprint. Either way you win, every time.

addmired, Oct 06 2003


       Actually, the best way to irritate a walker is to walk loudly about one step behind, matching their pace exactly as they speed up to try and leave you behind. (I used to commute over Waterloo Bridge, a perfect place to practice walking strategies.)
DrCurry, Oct 06 2003

       Why are we wanting to irritate other walkers? And what exactly do we win? This is inane.
waugsqueke, Oct 06 2003

       This is the walking version of the car game I played when I first started driving. Go slow until someone attempts to pass you, then speed up so they can't. No point, really, and one outgrows it eventually.
phoenix, Oct 06 2003

       I've done this on a couple of occasions, though usually as the person in front. Long-legged guy that I am, I'm less comfortable with being overtaken than I should be, and so detecting the sound of gaining footsteps, I'll quicken my pace a bit. Oddly, usually the person behind me also speeds up. It's as if they have it predetermined in their mind to pass me.
RayfordSteele, Oct 06 2003

       I actually do this at my school a lot...It' so much fun!
bloojay, May 11 2004

       You'll get beaten up +
Aerythes, May 12 2004

       i dont often curse on Hb and I'm not sure if its aloud, but I do have to say that this is a load of cock.
etherman, May 12 2004


       //alloud// you mean "allowed". Please spell right if you must curse.
sninctown, May 23 2006

       //a load of cock// - <wipes away tears> - where's [em] gone anyway? I miss his bluntness.
wagster, May 23 2006

       That's interesting, I read it as "aloud" as in "out loud". Like he wasn't sure if he was just thinking the imprecations he came up with towards the other bakers or screaming them at the computer monitor.
GutPunchLullabies, May 23 2006

       If you pretend to be chatting on a cell phone, the effect will be even more eery (e.g. he's not even paying attention to me - how can he be matching my pace?)
phundug, May 24 2006


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