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Fork Ball

Football With Forks. Fork Shaped ball.
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Ok, this is simple. all you need is an 'eating' fork, and a tyre. rest the tyre on a kerb, or a brick, just make sure that the tire is resting at an angle.

now, i have only played this with 1 v 1 and it is good. you have to flick the fork into the air by standing on the curved edge and volley it into the tyre,
and there is a lot of bodily contacted, but no extreme violence. when you get the fork into the tyre you score a goal, and then it starts again.

Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006



       Oh, man. You must have one keen sense of sportsmanship. I know I'd at least throw the fork at the pavement once or twice, thusly hindering it of its Fork Ball prowess, forcing me to go to the nearests sporting goods store for a new set of forks.
daseva, Feb 10 2006

       One day it may be a specialist forks store, with professionally designed aerodynamic forks.
Pop Weasel, Feb 10 2006


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