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Irritation Lock-In

Irritate your friends into submission
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It would be a small lock (combination or key operated) that is built out of a tough, and waterproof material. It would have a small but very powerfull speaker built into it. it would also come with a small remote with just one button on it. The Panic button. If you want to play a joke on a friend or if you would like to irritate any particular person for any given reason. Or if you simply enjoy chaos all you do is sneak up to the unlucky person and connect the lock to a part of their clothing( belt loops seem ideal). then retreat to a safe distance and press the panic button. Hilarity ensues.

The lock is now letting off a series of high piched squeels ( it could also be programmed to play music) and Squawks.

Now the unlucky person with this attached to them is compelled to either forcibly remove the remote from your clutches or to beg for mercy. If they are unwilling or unable to do one of those things they must face the idea of spending a good deal of time with a squalling monster attached to them. untill the bateries run out or they find a way to remove it. They are at your mercy. Of course this would be extremely cruel to do to someone and leave it going but it would be fun just to see a little panic when they realize what is happening. Before they realize what is happening there is a good chance of all out chaos breaking loose and that sort of thing is considered humorous in some circles. This could possibly be the most idiotic idea ever but I would think it was funny if someone did it to me.

Bane, Dec 17 2006


       They could simply remove the piece of clothing it is attached to, and discard.
BJS, Dec 17 2006

       // or they find a way to remove it.//   

       //They could simply remove the piece of clothing it is attached to, and discard.//   

       You win. Unless of course you have this device attached to your pants.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 17 2006

       I would suggest programming it with giggles, whispers, and ring tones.   

       If attached to the pants, removing the article of clothing it is attached to and discarding would likely result in much more hilarity.   

       You'll likely need to develop a rather robust model, otherwise smashing it with a rock could easily get the problem cleared up. I'd also think that if it were too annoying, many people would gladly sacrifice a belt buckle to be rid of it without removing the article of clothing in question.   

       I'm also afraid that now is the time to suggest locking it onto some of those partially exposed thong underwear straps young ladies like to sport.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 17 2006

       I'm amazed at how frequently the "Random" button brings up a really good idea. I mean, you'd expect at least one in a hundred, shirley?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 07 2014


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