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portable clapping machine
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Sometimes your hands get very tired at a concert with all that clapping.... when this happens, you simply take out your iPPLAUD, and press the appropriate button.

Although the device is small it is powerful, as its little hands have been designed to emit a very sharp sound. Hold it above your head, or fold your arms and relax.

It's best to just look at the illustration..

xenzag, Dec 27 2006

iPPLAUD https://sodabred.tu...aked-idea-by-xenzag
just a wee notebook idea scribble [xenzag, Dec 27 2006, last modified Jun 12 2019]


normzone, Dec 27 2006

       Bun for the name, bun for the illustration.
Germanicus, Dec 27 2006


pertinax, Dec 27 2006

       (sound of two hands clapping) +
xandram, Dec 27 2006

       aye, why not. +
jonthegeologist, Dec 27 2006

       Bun for the name, definitely. Also, if the hands open widely enough, kids would have great fun popping a roomful of balloons using this thing. +
imaginality, Dec 27 2006

       Just transferred illustration...... I still use my iPod and it's still perfect 20 years after getting it. The battery only lasts for 5 hours now, but it's a good machine from a time when Apple were genuine innovators
xenzag, Jun 12 2019

       Since one's head does all the clapping, wouldn't a hat be a sounder form?
wjt, Jun 13 2019


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