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Horror popsicles
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Fresh off the story of the disgust reaction to the ice rink with frozen fishes, a line of ice cream Popsicles which appears to reveal (either instantly or as you lick it), accidentally frozen horrors within the ice.

In simulated (chocolate!) and real (anchovi!) flavors

Perhaps a Han Solo flavor for Princess Leia

theircompetitor, Nov 30 2016

Japanese ice rink, with fish https://www.theguar...into-ice-as-gimmick
[hippo, Nov 30 2016]

Ant Lollipop http://www.nuku.co.uk/insect-lollipops/
can't imagine ever eating it [xenzag, Dec 03 2016]

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       I recommend that the "appears to reveal" be an image created by food colorants added at strategic locations within the body of the treat: a 3D image constructed from colorant- pixels.
Vernon, Nov 30 2016

       My husband watches those sick, perverted, murder shows on TV. He'd love these. (And no, I don't mean NBC Nightly News, nice try.)
blissmiss, Dec 01 2016

       Nice Vernon.   

       Anatomy class anyone? please open your popiscles and lick through to expose the pancreas.
wjt, Dec 03 2016

       How about Isis cream, revealing tiny little pieces of suicide bomber or machetéd hands?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2016

       I have a ant lollipop which consists of ants "frozen" in the middle of a block of clear toffee. (or some similar hard block that must be licked away to reveal the interior) See last link.
xenzag, Dec 03 2016

       You do know, [xen] how they make those and lollipops?
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2016

       great link [xenzag] thx
theircompetitor, Dec 03 2016


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