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It Comes Out on Both Ends

An extra lid on the bottom of the jar
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No more having to turn the honey upside down to wait for the last of it to drip out of the jar. Just open the bottom lid.

Also good to reuse for storage, since you can get at your junk easier. Plus, they would be cool bracelets, of course.

An added bonus would be that it would be easier to unscrew when tightened too tight, because you would be able to get a good grip on both lids instead of one hand having a poor grip on the jar.

flyfast, Jul 28 2005

Here's someone else who thinks that going both ways is a good idea http://www.whynot.net/view_idea?id=1743
Double Ended Jar idea on WhyNot.Net [half, Jul 28 2005]

Something from a UK patent journal http://www.patent.g...rnals/1999/5768.pdf
Double ended jar [half, Jul 28 2005]

Two Faced Nut Job Two_20Faced_20Nut_20Job
[theircompetitor, Jul 28 2005]

Just below http://media.das-is...ynamic/1851_big.jpg
the actual opening is a rubber-silicon sphincter.... [loonquawl, Apr 02 2009]


       The cool jewellery thing is interesting... Bun!
froglet, Jul 28 2005

       Great idea!. Right up until the point that the remainder of the honey from the (nominal) bottom of the jar goes all over the lid and your hand/sleeves.
How about a squeezable sphincter (!?)
gnomethang, Jul 28 2005

       Or if one lid gets stuck (as is such with honey after a few weeks), you can try your luck on the other end. Bun.
phundug, Jul 28 2005

       That WhyNot.net is just a cheap imitation of the Halfbakery! We must destroy them!
DesertFox, Jul 28 2005

       Those WhyNot.net guys look far to highbrow for us. I think we should just stay away from it in case it takes over.
eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 02 2009

       Uhm... there are honey 'jars' with only an opening at the underside; perfectly usable. [link]
loonquawl, Apr 02 2009

       [+] I'm a bit tired of always getting the last few inches of mayo or jam or even peanut butter on my hands, as well as the Pooh-like contortions necessary to get at the honey after it gels.
FlyingToaster, Apr 03 2009


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