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condiment spreader pack

Add a spreader to handy packs of mayo and ketchup
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In the wake of improved airline security concerns, cutlery has disappeared from most coach airline meals. Most of these meals are now sandwiches packed with a little packet of mayo or "Dijonnaise" (which must have been invented on this website!) With the lack of utensils, you are forced to do a messy, and pretty ineffective spreading job with the top of the packet.

By adding a little bit of semi-rigid plastic to the top of the packet (in a half-circle shape), a positively MarthaStewartonian spreading job can be done, yielding clean fingers and a nicely condimented sandwich.

No reason that this shouldn't be included with all those little handy-packs that get packed with deli sandwiches, etc.

tspyz, Apr 25 2002


       Sure, that would work.   

       Or what about reconstituting the condiment into a cheese-like consistency, so that it can be placed on the sandwich like a sheet of processed cheeese--possibly temperature-sensitive so that it is kept cold until distributed for application, and when at room temperature it melts into creamy rather than cheesy consistency.
entremanure, Apr 25 2002

       Condiment rings!
bristolz, Apr 25 2002

       "Ham salad sandwich, please. And a slice of mustard."
angel, Apr 25 2002

       I think I want my mayo cool and liquid, thank you, to moisten the food.
pottedstu, Apr 25 2002

waugsqueke, Apr 25 2002


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