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Jackass: The Themepark

Because "Jackass: The Video Game" is not enough.
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You say that jumping into a kiddie-pool full of dung sounds like fun to you? Say no more. Jackass: The Themepark will cater to every wannabe's fantasies.

How about bobbing for jellyfish? Putting a toy car up your cornhole? Riding a tandem bicycle while dressed up in bunny suits? Riding a red wagon down a huge flight of stairs?

It's all good here. And Safe. Supervised by trained professionals, you can do whatever you want and forego the weeks of physical therapy normally associated with crazy antics such as grilling yourself on a barbeque.

Heard your sibling utter "I could do that." when Steve-o swallowed a goldfish and then regurgitated it intact? Spring for a family pass and see them prove it!!

djjosh1200, Feb 26 2003

a good start http://www.halfbake...ass_3a_20The_20Ride
[jackottabox, Oct 04 2004]


       I'm worried about these trained professionals. What kind of experience do that have? I'm not going to lock myself in a refrigerator unless I know my "trained professional" has logged at least 20 hours of RTS (refrigerator training simulations).
ObPickle, Feb 26 2003

       yes, what is the world coming to?
ObPickle, Feb 26 2003

       [bee] - no. this was written as the end-all of jackass ideas. What could anybody come up with next? Jackass on the moon? Now there's an idea!!
djjosh1200, Feb 26 2003

       [djjosh1200] oh dear, you might be surprised.   

       I tried to find a link to the Japanese - Endurance programme, but got distracted along the way and of course Coronation Street is diverting at the moment too. where was I? <yawn>   

       I think this is pretty baked one way or another and its in Other: General category which always sets my teeth on edge, and so sorry, I wish I could m-f-d this but cannot quite bring myself to do it in full!
po, Feb 26 2003

       "Jackass on the Moon." heh. Good one.   

       "Revenge of Jackass"
"Godzilla vs. Jackass"
"Jackass 2: Electric Boogaloo"
snarfyguy, Feb 26 2003

       ... "The Quickening", shirley.
my face your, Feb 26 2003

       Jackass-ic Park.
phoenix, Feb 26 2003

       "Jackass: The Musical"
snarfyguy, Feb 26 2003

       Jack in the sack XXX rated.
skinflaps, Feb 26 2003

       The last thing we need are more idiots in this world!
darkknight_152002, Jul 26 2003

       And what better way to weed them out than this themepark. "Sure I'll do it! How deep does it have to go? OK. But what do you mean by live curren-"
MusicalKungFu, Dec 13 2003


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