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Land of Oz

Theme park based on the TV series
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For those of you who may not know, "Oz" is a very harsh TV drama on HBO that is set in a high-security prison. After seeing it I immediately realized that it holds the key to turning our troubled youth from the path of crime. The theme park based on it would bring the experience of Oz to those who need it most.

Some features: the Solitary Chamber Tilt-a-Whirl (ride lasts 3 hours), the Bound & Gagged Pop-Up Prisoner Punching Pavillion (where the park-goer can be either the puncher or the punchee), and the Cavity Search Casa de Curiosidade. Popular items in the souvenir shop include warden's night sticks and Anusol(tm) ointment.
kevindimie, Jul 16 2003

Baked http://www.wild-sid...scaredstraight.html
"Scared Straight" a prison visitation program for troubled teens, first made popular in the '70s now in wide use throughout the US. [ato_de, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       (Suspects [kevindimie] likes to "drop the soap", if you know what I mean)
phoenix, Jul 16 2003

       (Just kidding, by the way)
phoenix, Jul 16 2003

       No offense taken, but this gives me another idea. Instead of a fortune-telling machine, the park would have a machine that dispenses psychoanalysis. "Your compulsion to throw dog feces at passers-by results from your father having locked you in the dog's cage when you were 9 years old." Stuff like that.
kevindimie, Jul 16 2003

       Yeah, I don't think many people would like to stand in the line hoping to be caged for three hours. I mean, not that there isn't people out there who would want this but, hey, you could make reservations/appointments. No?
Pericles, Jul 16 2003

       {accidentally deleted [ato_de]'s [marked–for–deletion] comment, something to do with this being widely baked, evidenced by his link to prison-visitation programs}
kevindimie, Jul 17 2003

       Actually, [ato_de], until you can find a theme park based on prison life, I don't accept this as being baked.
kevindimie, Jul 17 2003

       And here I thought someone was going to invent Australia.
Cedar Park, Jul 17 2003

       You, and your little dog too! [cackles]   


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