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For smartphones.
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There are all sorts of applications available that utilize a smartphone's sophisticated technology to detect the presence of certain radio frequencies and other presences. Specifically, I've seen phones that pickup FM radio (with a tuner), radiation (RadGuard app for Blackberry), magnetic fields, metal detector apps (that I've tested personally) and many more. Boat-loads of potential that is just barely being tapped.

What I would like is an app that can detect when your phone signal is being actively jammed, and alert you that you may be in danger. This way, when you hear a bump in the night and reach for your phone to discover a "No service available; jamming signal detected" message displayed on the screen, you have time to prepare yourself for a home invasion.

To arms, men! Brace thyselves, and let loose the dogs of war!

(or call for help with a CB radio, it's really up to you how you choose to prepare)

21 Quest, Nov 08 2009

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       I thought this would be some kind of improved napkin, for extra sticky scones.
pocmloc, Nov 09 2009


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