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Individual announcing device

lets cell phoners know they have pulled you into their conversation
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This device can be carried on a key chain, bracelet, whatever, it’s small. It can have 1 or a selection of buttons, that when pressed audio messages are played. My top choices are; (1) (DeNiro’s) "You Talkin’ To Me?…You Talkin’ To Me?…Well I’m the only one here.” (2) “I Can hear you now.”

We’ve probably all been somewhere, thinking we are alone, or nearly alone, when suddenly someone starts talking on a cell phone. I’m getting used to it, but once in a while I'm surprised by something like a person walking up behind me and saying something like, “I’m Going To KILL You!”, or some other bit of "way too much" information.

When the person speaking shows a careless disregard for your presence and talks about personal issues, that would be better kept private, wherever we are, instead of just cringing, we could hit a button on this device, to let our presence be known. (User discretion advised)

This is meant to be used lightly, hopefully conveying the message, “ I‘m here, and With a sense of humor".

I'm sure there are already devices that could be programmed to do this, or a person could just nonchalantly make these comments themselves, but I'm thinking, a device, under $5 and sold as a novelty item, possibly near check out lanes, where they could commonly come in handy. ideas/opinions/experiences?-Thanks

oyea6, Feb 21 2006

you could carry around one of these...... http://www.spencers.../productOptionIDs//
costs more than $5 though [xandram, Feb 21 2006]




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