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pet food dispenser

automatic feeder with motion sensor
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how about this? A pet food dispenser with a difference! by using a motion sensor when your pet approaches the feeder, the lid will automatically open. The advantage with this system is that your pet can eat when it likes!!!! It will stay fresh thanks to tight fitting lid and ice pack. surely a winner, plus it could be made very cheaply

I am damn fed up of my cat not eating his food and bloody flies laying eggs on his food!!

tony uk

is that better!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

tonandali, Jul 29 2003


       I am damn bloody confused as to how this thing is going to tell when your pet wants to eat or is just passing by.
phoenix, Jul 29 2003

       Won't the flies set off the motion sensor?
lintkeeper2, Jul 29 2003

       Sounds like Sharper Image material.
bungston, Jul 29 2003

       How long are you leaving your cat's food down?
angel, Jul 29 2003

       Won't this turn your pets into glutons being that they can eat as much as they like only because they have a lazy master?
Pericles, Jul 29 2003

       //my cat not eating his food and bloody flies laying eggs on it//
Eggs on the food or eggs on the cat?

       You can have a special tag on the cat's collar that the food bowl system could use as cat authentication. Or have a switch that the cat herself must activate to open the bowl.
The cats & dogs I owned over the years always got the cheap dry food that doesn't go bad. But this idea is good for canned food.
Amos Kito, Jul 29 2003

       Canned food is very bad for your pets.
DeathNinja, Jul 30 2003

       So is deleting links to *Anti-exclamation mark overuse key!!!*
thumbwax, Jul 30 2003

       get real !!eggs on cat food, not the cat. I just wanted to clarify that one. What kind of sick person do you think iI am? Ok by the way does anyone know of a gadget like this?
tonandali, Aug 06 2003

       Combine it with a dosage/dispenser function, so you can control how much the pet can eat at any given time.
Brummo, Aug 06 2003


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