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Jello Bed

Sleep on a bed thats made outta jello!
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Here is my idea: Instead of a water bed, what if its made outta jello? It'll be pretty easy, the box part of the bed will be a refridgeration unit, keeping the jello nice and cool for you to sleep on. The bed will need a couple packets of jello, but it depends on how you like to sleep, firm or soft. The bed can be emptied with a vacuum like instrument that will pump the jello down the drain (included with the bed).
mybigkulot, Aug 20 2001


       I can't sleep on the plain stuff. But give me a swing-cot filled with mock Waldorf Salad and it's dreams ahoy.
The Military, Aug 20 2001

       No need to sneak down to the kitchen for a late night snack anymore!
bluerowan, Sep 06 2001

       dose it come complet with spoon?
toomer34, Jun 26 2005

       But... why?
bookends, May 14 2006


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