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Hideaway mattress

Nobody home
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A mattress which looks like any other mattress. Press a switch and the central portion sinks down, leaving a person-sized depression. One can now hide under the covers without that tell-tale bump.

Use to surprise unsuspecting loved-ones. Also good for hiding away from intruders or the police.

-alx, Sep 25 2003


       Great, now I can sleep on my stomach in the morning.
FarmerJohn, Sep 25 2003

       Jelly bed.
skinflaps, Sep 25 2003

       FJ, was that a problem before? <grin>
po, Sep 25 2003

       Simple, workable, practical and lets you scare the bejaysus out of people. What more could we want? +
squeak, Sep 25 2003

       Although if the person you are surprising doesn't suspect that they are one of your loved ones, you could get prosecuted.
squeak, Sep 25 2003

       //person-sized depression//   

       But it usually feels bigger.
k_sra, Sep 25 2003

       [squeak] But how could they prosecute you, if the police couldn't find you...?
-alx, Sep 25 2003

       Ahhaaaah! sneaky
squeak, Sep 25 2003

       Can you throw it into reverse so that it leaves a person sized shape in the bed whilst you hide in the wardrobe. He he he he.
nichpo, Sep 25 2003

       Put me down for three. (That'll confuse 'em)
st3f, Sep 25 2003

       st3f - well I'm confused but what is new?
po, Sep 25 2003


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