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Jesus Policy Forum

What Would Jesus Do?
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Christians have been more and more active in politics. Many pride themselves on viewing policy decisions through the lens of their Christianity. This TV show will expand on this premise.

Policy issues would be presented to a range of religious thought leaders, and opinions / replies collected. Rather than have these people on the forum, their ideas would be presented in a debate-type forum by 3 or more actors, each portraying Jesus Christ. There would ensue a moderated discussion. Issues would include pre-emptive war, death penalty, foreign aid, etc. There would not be a winner or loser, simply the discussion and costumes.

For some discussions, Peter or Simon might sub in.

bungston, Aug 09 2005

God's Debris http://www.andrewsmcmeel.com/godsdebris/
Free ebook written by Scott Adams concerning God and philosophy. [quantum_flux, Jun 20 2007]

Overbaked http://groups.yahoo.com/group/overbaked/
Take it over here, please. [jutta, Jun 20 2007]


       I find contemporary Christian analysts to be enlightening and varied when they focus on topics religious and otherwise, but this would put them under pressure.
reensure, Aug 09 2005

       The 3 actors - would they represent Father, Son, & Holy Ghost embodied in Jesus? The old man used to get kind of grumpy from time to time.   

       I don't think the people in politics claiming to be Christian would allow Jesus to be in their party. They'd probably call him a Pinko Hippie Liberal or something like that.
Zimmy, Aug 09 2005

       Yeah, don't let Dad wade in, otherwise it'll all be pillars of fire and waxing wroth and things could get a bit, well, biblical.
moomintroll, Aug 09 2005

       <South Park>Jesus!</SP>
gnomethang, Aug 09 2005

       I wonder if the Holy Ghost would sound like Greenspan?
bungston, Aug 09 2005

       I believe this idea violates site policy
theircompetitor, Aug 09 2005

       How about [marked-for-deletion] out of place for some other reason the poster couldn't really know.
reensure, Aug 10 2005

       It would be covered under stereotyping, I believe
theircompetitor, Aug 10 2005

       Whatever Jesus would have done will remain uncertain at best, since we only know him through his spin doctors.   

       When times get challenging, I prefer to ask myself [what would Jackie Chan do?]
normzone, Aug 10 2005

       <snort> Nice, Normy, nice. I can just see them replacing the death penalty with sentancing people to being kicked on the earhole and non-fatally tipped into a dustbin.
squeak, Aug 10 2005

       //Peter or Simon// I thought they were the same guy?
//No doubt this idea will be MFD'ed for religious content// [Pa've] On what grounds? The word "religion" doesn't appear on the help page.
coprocephalous, Aug 10 2005

       //I don't think the people in politics claiming to be Christian would allow Jesus to be in their party//... Well said [Zimmy], there's very little of Christ's teaching in the US religous right's manifestos. I see none at all in Bush, even though every second word he utters is God / prayer / Jesus / Lord.   

       //Christians have been more and more active in politics//.. and this increasingly fundamentalist jesUSistan that has now lost the foundation of its true greatness (which was based on a secular, democratic liberalism) has lost the respect of the world and is a focus for hatred. Go figure.
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 10 2005

       [Pa`ve], communism has nothing to do with religion. The Bible; however, seems to suggest that one of the more praised early churches was organized along communist lines.   

       I really do think he would be ridiculed by conservatives. Especially if he went around urging people to get rid of everything they owned and follow him.
Zimmy, Aug 10 2005

       There was a show similar to this on pulbic television here in the US, probably at least 20 years ago. They had a panel of historical figures and they discussed policy issues. I remember because at one point Cleopatra rather blithely pronounced her support for slavery and was roundly booed by the studio audience, and the actress looked a little scared.   

       The thing I think would be interesting about this is that the religious right does not have a corner on Jesus. They get a lot of press right now, but there are other Christians whose faith is just as strong (Quakers, for example), but who have very different political views. You could even include some apolitical Christians, like the Amish. The different Jesuses would have to hew to the Biblical figure but at the same time represent a particular political viewpoint. It would be great TV.   

       Other comments -   

       Actors cannot play Jesus - nonsense.   

       Stereotyping - of who? Politically active christians? How?   

       Marked for Deletion - ???
bungston, Aug 10 2005

       Wow, this idea could get ugly. I would watch it. :) I think it would emphasize how badly the government (US at least) ignores its own foundation to try and please everyone that complains about it. [rant begins]The US government has lost all moral or ethical standards in effort to please everyone, which is impossible anyways. So now they have not only not pleased everyone like they wanted, they are morally bankrupt too.[rant over] and that is all I have to say. But it is a very cute idea.
babyhawk, Aug 10 2005

       You're starting with a prejudicial premise, and painting the "religious right" with a single brush. Your "does not have a corner on Jesus" further betrays a particular political driver for this idea. [babyhawk]'s excited rant is proof enough.   

       Further, this "what would Jesus do" point has been made before -- many times -- and with more originality.   

       Substitute Muslims and Mohammed and see if you would have posted the idea. Throw in some suicide bombings for color. You'll get the idea.   

       Mind you, I'm an atheist, and mostly can't be bothered with what Jesus would have done here or there. Not a believer in his philosophy, either.   

       But that's another story.
theircompetitor, Aug 10 2005

       I am not the type of person that believes in "one religion verses another" I just want to believe in the basic goodness of people. I have met too many "christians" that were horrible people and many atheists who were great people. So, to me, religion no longer matters, but solely the desire to be surrounded and governed by good people. And unfortunately have at times been disappointed in both. But for entertainment purposes, I think this idea has potential.
babyhawk, Aug 10 2005

       An outgrowth of atheism is, of course, deep-seated anger at religious folk as equals in having frustrated god's plan for the world.
reensure, Aug 10 2005

       China & The Soviet Union's supression/repression of religion made (makes) me sick (along with many of the other supressions/repressions that have/are occuring). It didn't/doesn't have to be that way as a requisite of the system. (You're right about that happening from what I've heard, [Pa`ve].)   

       I would think that this form of publicly available discussion would be of great use to those who are truely faithful to their Faith. It could discuss the Acts of politicians and separate those paying only lip service for votes from those who actually believe and want to remain true to the teachings of their choice.   

       I voted for it, though there would be many hurdles to get across to implementing a decent forum. (I guess).   

       I would tune in to a Taoist political show if I were an elected official to see if I had mis-stepped in my actions in office against the grain of what I hold sacred. (I'm not a very good Taoist, though.)
Zimmy, Aug 11 2005

       One of my college professors was from China. He assured us that communism is a religion.   

       I have always been amused by the "What would Jesus do?" question because it makes him sound so hypothetical. I 'm waiting for the chance to follow it with "If he existed."   

       If he existed, a panel such as described would always arrive at a single correct answer. Provided they had enough faith.
baconbrain, Aug 13 2005

       The Jesus I know would storm in, knock over a few tables and toss some people out.
ato_de, Aug 14 2005

       [admin: I don't think this idea "violates site policy", or is "out of place" - so I'm ignoring the MFD based on that, until someone actually explains to me what the problem is.]
jutta, Jun 20 2007

       I thought "What would Jesus do?" was always said ironically, implying that he is a fictional character, more like "What would Batman do?" than "What would Einstein do?".   

       I think this show would work but you should chuck in some other religious figures like Moses and Mohamed and possibly Vishnu if the make-up budget is sufficient. Rather than polarise religions it might make people realise that they agree on a lot of issues.   

       BTW, I'm an athiest. My interest in this is reducing the number of people thinking "the bible says we should wipe out the darkies"
marklar, Jun 20 2007

       [MFD] Blasphemy. Mock Christs mocking Christ. I'm sure it would be entertaining though.   

       Communism is a devlish thing.   

       And simon and peter are the same person.   

       The US of A is corrupt, not the most corrupt government i think, but a shame to know that it was began by Christians.   

       Oh, and Jesus is the real deal.
twitch, Jun 20 2007

       MFO, that is, [marked for overbaked].... the Bible can be used to teach anything you want it to, you've just got to use your imagination a little.... on a side note, everything you do comes from within your own mind, and I'll (shamelessly) promote reading a free ebook about modern scientific/philosophical ideas written by Scott Adams entitled "God's Debris" to prove this.
quantum_flux, Jun 20 2007

theleopard, Jun 20 2007

       I agree that you should get some other religious icons in there if your going to be fair. Should the jesus character speak in hebrew and require an interpreter?
macncheesy, Jun 20 2007

       I can prove that God doesn't exist, It's right here in the Bible!   

       Oh, and Jesus is Jesus, he knows all (including languages). You want ASL? He can do that! He can even speak penguin.
twitch, Jun 20 2007

       Good idea, nontheless, just as long as the script that Jesus says is written by people of intelligence whom know what they are talking about.... i.e. nobody who thinks the earth is flat, or that it's only 6000 years old, or that the sun revolves around the earth, or that the initial state of the universe is that it was already 13 billion years old upon creation, or that humans have a soul while chimps don't, or that the world is going to end soon.... because you pretty much can't trust politicians who seriously believe these things anymore. I think the Jesus script should be written by atheists who are rational rather than by christians who are emotional. [+]
quantum_flux, Jun 20 2007

       Yes, please take your personal confessions of membership or non-membership in some religion to overbaked. (See link.)
jutta, Jun 20 2007


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