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Jettison button

Throw a part of your car at the driver behind you.
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When you are getting tailgated you could spin a knob till a menu or a voice says "Driveshaft" and press the jettison button, and the driveshaft in your car or truck falls to the ground. Or you could select "Tires" and your tires will fall off. You could select the following items: Bumper, Muffler, Driveshaft, Tires, Hubcaps, Engine, or Grand Finale (all).
Amishman35, Feb 16 2002


       The 'grand finale' can be done by hitting the brakes hard. The rest of it is kind of dumb...
StarChaser, Feb 16 2002

       Don't sweat it [UnaBubba]. I'm pretty sure the only thing [Amishman35] drives is a horse and buggy, which explains why he can afford to drop a driveshaft.
phoenix, Feb 16 2002

       You could just drive a Lancia Beta and have all of this happen at random intervals.
angel, Feb 18 2002

       Pottedstu is happily driving along, till some creep starts tailgating him. No problem, he simply presses his release switch, and jettisons the jettison button, which flies through the air, and affixes itself to the dashboard of the driver behind. "What's this?" cretindriver thinks, and presses the button. Instantly, his wheels fall off, closely followed by his doors and hair.
pottedstu, Feb 18 2002


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