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Magnetic Helicopter Slow-Driver- in-the-Fast-Lane Eliminator

Finally ... Help From Above
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Magnetic Helicopter Slow-Driver-in-the-Fast-Lane Eliminator: Everybody knows that traffic jams are caused by idiots who drive way the heck too slow in the fast lane because their brains have atrophied and they're oblivious to the fact that they're leading a half-mile parade of people who will need to eventually pass them on the right. Well, there's only one way to truly deal effectively with this problem that threatens the very essence of our mobile society -- traffic helicopters equipped with a powerful magnet at the end of a line that can be strategically lowered onto the offending vehicle. That vehicle (and, of course, its idiot driver) could be safely and effectively whisked away, to be deposited, perhaps, onto the roof of a parking garage. Or, better yet, the roof of a building that's not a parking garage.
wesweswes, May 29 2002

Great Minds Thinking Alike? http://pqasb.pqarch...sc=BEHIND+THE+WHEEL
Article in today's LA Times [repointered -admin] describes your same idea, except that it is more concerned with catching fleeing motorists. See LAPD Officer Ronald Moen's comments about why the big magnet isn't such a great idea. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]


       You Only Live Twice or so it seems,
One life for yourself and one for your dreams.
bristolz, May 29 2002

       Tell me [wesweswes], how do you *really* feel about this topic?   

       It's been my experience that quite often when some idiot is driving too slowly in front of me, I check my speedometer and find that the idiot is actually the driver in the car right *behind* the car that's right in front of me.
half, May 29 2002

       Bristolz: Nice comment. Nice dreams. Some of humankind's best ideas fall into the category of "dream come true."
wesweswes, May 29 2002

       I would be quite content to drive along behind [half]
po, May 29 2002

       Baked. See link to yesterday's Los Angeles Times article.
jurist, May 29 2002

       Lest we raise false expectations here that's "baked" as in, someone else got into print pondering the same approach, on a slow news day in LA.
jutta, Apr 22 2006

       Pass on the right, and the time wasted is not negligible, try living/driving in the big NJ!
vincent88, Aug 21 2006


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