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Jigsaw Puzzle Park Trails

Park has two foot wide trails that are made up of jigsaw puzzles. (Update: billboard looking continuous puzzle base follows trail)
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So kids get some exercise running around trying to find where the pieces go.

Pieces would be about 1/2" thick stiff foam, like you'd have on a playground under swings and slides, maybe 6" by 6". At the beginning of the day the bin is full of the pieces that were scooped up at closing the night before. Kids grab a piece, then run around looking at the edges of the trail that feature permanant art that gives a hit at where their pieces go.

Be a fun way for kids to get some exercise in the Sun and fresh air.

Might be easier to have an elevated 1 or 2 foot fence along the trail that the pieces fit in rather than them being on the ground. Have it be at a slight angle. Yea, I think that's better. Eliminates the chances of kids tripping on the empty puzzle areas.

Plus at the end of the day, the park ranger / groundskeeper just tilts them over, section by section into the rolling cart to be brought back to the clubhouse for tomorrow's kids. That or the cart has a scraper or something to push the pieces into the cart. Maybe slots in the holder that a flexible pushing element of some kind attached to the cart knocks them out from behind and into the cart.

Obviously, budget permitting, different pictures could be put up periodically. One tha tmight be fun would be a panorama of the actual park so you look for the view that that piece represents, but that's just one scene the puzzles could present.

I think you could also have the community make these murals as well. One school makes one, a community center makes another. Kind of like the mural art projects I see them doing at schools now.

I think the adults would have fun running around with the kids trying to find where the pieces go too. Good bonding activity. Call it Park Puzzle Play Path.

doctorremulac3, Feb 05 2024

Like this only with puzzle pieces instead of squares. https://www.pintere...265430971758388904/
Obviously much shorter to so little kids could put pieces on the top of the mural / puzzle. [doctorremulac3, Feb 05 2024]


       I’m over thinking this, these can just be put up on the existing fence around the playground.
doctorremulac3, Feb 05 2024

       Figured out how to make money from this. You sell the blank puzzle pieces, put them up along an existing fence and have the kids paint them.   

       Mental and physical exercise at the same time for the kiddies.   

       Have the older kids paint them and the younger kids do the running around puzzle thing.   

       Ohh! Just realized, can re-use these! Every year can do another one!
doctorremulac3, Feb 06 2024

       Kids running around. Like, outside? Which kids do that? Certainly not in this country. Aren't they all indoors mired within their chosen digital realms?   

       But perhaps this is an app?
whatrock, Feb 06 2024

       Well this could be a way to mitigate that problem.   

       Screen addiction is a real issue for kids, anything getting them outdoors and active could be a good thing no?   

       Think I'd call it a mural puzzle.   

       1- Adults get the blank pieces all put together in a roll, they unroll it on the grass.   

       2- Kids are given paint, they do a custom mural.   

       3- The whole finished mural is hung around the playground on the fence.   

       4- The kids go around with a cart or just bags and pull the pieces off the fence.   

       5- The kids then each grab a handful of pieces and put the 60, 100 or 200 foot long puzzle together.   

       Could also adjust how tall / complicated the mural puzzle is. Two rows would be easiest, three harder, four hardest and coincidentally, height adjusted appropriately as well. Simpler is shorter for younger kids, more complicated is taller for older kids.   

       By the way, kids putting them up at random to get a Picasso or abstract art effect? Totally acceptable if I was the teacher.
doctorremulac3, Feb 06 2024

       Okay, final design:   

       1- These are off the shelf 12 x 12 floor mats that are cut to fit together with interlocting perimiters. The pieces being too complicated might be frustrating, just matching the art segment to where it should go would be fun enough.   

       2- The kids paint them with watercolors or chalk, I realised they can't use waterproof paint because it'll ruin their clothes, but that led to the final design point.   

       So it's an outdoor mural that's not waterproof, but that's actually good. When they're done you can just hose it off to start again. And when do you want the kids outside playing in the sunshine anyway? Summer, when there's no rain.   

       Easy to do with off the shelf parts, cheap, re-usable by simply hitting it with a garden hose and most important of all...   

       totally patentable.
doctorremulac3, Feb 06 2024

       Bun [+]
whatrock, Feb 06 2024


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