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Job Based Insurance

Rate based on your monthly evaluation report
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Insurance companies help with student coverage with the reduced rate based on their GPA. If they maintain a 3.0 they can recieve up to a 25% discount. Of course, it is aimed directly at students who cannot support themselves at such an early stage.

Now, there are also many people who have money problems and have hardships when it comes to paying their insurence. The companies should take into account the monthly evaulation on each employee and base their rates on that. This helps those who are in need and people will tend to take their job more seriously. Major factors would be attitude, behavior, and responsibility.

law883, Jun 05 2003


       Yeah, screw dumb people.   

       Really, why would insurance companies have any incentive to do this?
Worldgineer, Jun 05 2003

       Not all jobs have a monthly evaluation, least of all those in unskilled sectors, which are traditionally the lowest paid.
my face your, Jun 05 2003

       What? Like they're going to give a good evaluation? And risk hearing "OK, can I have a raise?"
thumbwax, Jun 05 2003

       Damn, I completely misread this idea. Are we talking about automotive, health, dental or what? One could argue that health/dental insurance are benefits for good employees...
phoenix, Jun 05 2003

       Unemployment insurance.
Worldgineer, Jun 05 2003

       UK car insurance has a job related element to the price already. If someone has a job that could be used to fake insurance claims easier or has a job that is regarded as untrustworthy then their car insurance costs more.   

       That's actuaries for you, I suppose.
Aristotle, Jun 05 2003

       I have a credit on my auto insurance for being an engineer. I always assumed it was either because we know the physics of driving pretty well or because we aren't often considered the wild and crazy type.
Worldgineer, Jun 05 2003


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