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Heavy Stapler & Tape Dispenser

Dumbbells that aren't for dumbbells!
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Why not in your cubicle have staplers and tape dispensers that are functional but made of wrought iron so that they are very heavy like 10 pounds they can also be used to work out a little in the office and you don't have big useless barbells lying around getting in the way because they are tape and staplers.
phundug, Apr 26 2004


       Spare staples orbit my compressed matter stapler.
hippo, Apr 26 2004

       that sounded so much like a newbie it wasnt funny it was like omg i just cant believe it phundug have you gone to teh other side i mean come on i didnt think that that was like you lol :p but what you need is to take a bunch of fat people it would be even better if they were rednecks and owned guns and maybe they were liberals then you shoot them with there own gun and tie a stapler and some tape to them the only bad thing is that you have a dead person laying there so maybe you could just feed it to the other fat people why should they care   

       Anyway, did someone sneak onto your computer and write that? It doens't seem like you...
ghillie, Apr 26 2004

       Perhaps would cut down on stapler borrowing.
bristolz, Apr 26 2004

       Duct tape, if it could not be dispensed with, dispensed from a flywheel.
FarmerJohn, Apr 26 2004

       [ghil] Yeah, it's still me. I'm jealous sometimes; those newbies have it so easy. They never have to think about punctuation or spelling, they just type whatever their fingers take them to. They can do it in their sleep if they want, the lucky ducks.
phundug, Apr 26 2004

       + anyway, [phun].
ghillie, Apr 26 2004


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