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Joke House (Evil)

You rent it for parties... better not show up, though, because your friends might not let you out alive.
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Basically, a house with a bunch of pranks pre-loaded into it. For instance, there are various dispensers above the shower nozzle loaded with honey, mud, fish oil, barbeque sauce, etc... (you have your choice of what they're loaded with when you rent the place). The toilet paper is kept on an Evil Toilet Paper Holder. There's a laxative dispenser in the ice machine, to juice-up the ice. In the bedrooms, there's a compartment in the cieling above the bed filled with fake blood and organs, designed to smell like the real thing. There are several more pranks, too many for me to list.

Invite everyone you know to a big party. Tell them all to bring everyone they know.

To activate the pranks, simply enter a code for each one in the keypad on the wall, designed to look like a home security system. Or enter the "play all" code for massive mayhem.

21 Quest, Oct 28 2006

kind of like a haunted house or fun house? http://www.nightmar...y.com/hauntedhouse/
[xandram, Oct 28 2006]


       with secret monitoring room to record the festivities... right?
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 28 2006

       don't forget the milk-it-for-all-you-can pint in the fridge!
po, Oct 28 2006

       Why, whatever do you mean, [po]? [21Q] doesn't do that, do you [21Q]? ;)
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Oct 28 2006

       *looks around casually* do what?
21 Quest, Oct 28 2006

       This is totally baked at po's house on Halloween!
xandram, Oct 28 2006

       ooh a cieling above the bed would freak me out.


       btw, I meant to warn you - this will turn into a list at midnight.
po, Oct 28 2006

       None of my guests have ever taken a shower at any of my parties... (although I've never actually hosted a party.)
BJS, Oct 28 2006

       I LIKE PARTY! Me, party. Pericles, mucho party.

       (Ok, [21Q]. You make sure everyone's invited. Then I'll pretend I don't speak english and enter the codes on the keypad while [po] covers my back. How's that).
Pericles, Oct 29 2006

       Sounds good to me! PARTY AT MY PLACE!!!!
21 Quest, Oct 29 2006

       Aww, this doesn't include Evil Knocking doors, and Evil Dinging Dong Devices? Stupid pranks like those would work especially well at a party when everybody's getting smashed. <Ding Dong> "Hey, Josh! Come on in!" <Knock Knoch> "Hello? Huh." <Knock Knock> "Sarah! What's the deal, you forget something?" "Huh?" "Don't play dumb with me..." <Ding Dong> "Hello? Huh."
ye_river_xiv, Oct 30 2006

       Who says it doesn't? I say again, ye_river_xiv:

       //There are several more pranks, too many for me to list.//

21 Quest, Oct 30 2006

       Unless someone climbs up into the ceiling above the bed, the fake organs seem somewhat impotent.

       Impotent organs. You heard me.
Texticle, Oct 30 2006


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