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Jonah's Tardis Whale Hotel

capsule hotel chain
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Jonah spent time inside a whale, according to the Bible.(I have my doubts) Jonah's Tardis Whale Hotel takes the idea of spending time in an aquatic leviathan, and develops it into a themed hotel business.

The hotels are of course built to resemble blue whales, and scaled according to the number of capsule rooms inside. Reception is naturally in the cavernous mouth, entry being achieved by parting the imitation baleen plates.

Each whale is parked in its own small lagoon, with the bulk of the body hidden below water level. This enables the interior to assume Tardis like proportions with a large number of capsule rooms located on either side of a belly area.

Guests can choose to meet up at a central open fire, in further imitation of Jonah, or simply relax in their rooms choosing whale sounds to lull them to sleep.

xenzag, Nov 13 2012

Reception area http://www.afsc.noa...stylized_baleen.jpg
[xenzag, Nov 13 2012]

Jonah's tale http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonah
[xenzag, Nov 13 2012]


       //parting the imitation baleen plates// Wouldn`t it be easier if they were automatic?
erenjay, Nov 13 2012

       Emergency exit: blowhole?
RayfordSteele, Nov 14 2012


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