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Joke Wasabi

Tastes like mint
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Wasabi is a condiment traditionally served with sushi. Eating a lump the size of a marble will bring tears to the eyes of even the most macho he-man. As a sushi chef, I get asked a lot of questions like: "What is that green stuff? What does that taste like?" I believe people who have never tried wasabi, see this green paste and think it's going to taste like peppermint. "Would you like to try a sample?" I'll say as I give them a small bite sized chunk of joke wasabi, which they eat in one bite. "Yum, that's good. Can I have some more?" they ask. "Sure." I reply as I hand them an even larger helping. This time I hand them a golf ball size lump of real wasabi. They soon realize they've been had as I laugh cruelly at the horse radish induced tears running down their face and shout "WAASAAAAAA-B?!"
jaksplat, Feb 04 2005

(??) wasabi google image search barrel scrape http://pages.prodig...wasabi-gal01-sm.jpg
[calum, Feb 04 2005]


       Poor Oklahomans. I guess that's what they get for trying something different. Perhaps you could replace green tea ice cream with the stuff.
Worldgineer, Feb 04 2005

       Please don't tell me where you work.I like Wasabi.Anyroad [+] ha, ha, I know some bods I'd like to deliver a tennis ball size of Wasabi to.
skinflaps, Feb 04 2005

       Calum, I possibly missed the point of that link?
david_scothern, Feb 04 2005

       calum, resident art lover.
dentworth, Feb 04 2005

       [ds]It's a barrel-scrape image search on wasabi, that turned up a nice picture of Wasabi Gal. Cool!   

       Oh, the point...erm. Cool!
zen_tom, Feb 04 2005

       I heard of someone who thought the wasabi in their take home dinner was guacamole (who knows why). Surprise!
Zimmy, Feb 06 2005

       OK, if you change your name to [UnaBoob]. Aight?
jaksplat, Feb 06 2005

       Good to see you back, in your usual self Ub.
skinflaps, Feb 06 2005

       I think I read yesterday, that what is sold in the US as wasabi paste, is more times than not, a combo of a wee bit of wasabi, and mostly horseradish. (UnaBooba, I like!)
blissmiss, Feb 06 2005

       ...and pixies.
skinflaps, Feb 06 2005

       //...done to death in Jackass//   

       I believe they were snorting lines of powdered wasabi for some reason.   

       //Tricking people into eating wasabi ...//   

       Perhaps you've been victimized by this type of prank before?
jaksplat, Feb 06 2005

       [bliss] Yep. I've never come across the horseradish kind in an actual sushi restaurant, but the stuff you buy in grocery stores is usually mostly horseradish. Go to asian markets if you want the real stuff (which you do - there's quite a difference).
Worldgineer, Feb 07 2005

       Word for the day: odynophagia
reensure, Feb 07 2005

       That was YOU???(original post) bastard.
spacer, Feb 08 2005

       [UB}You've been here longer than me, so I''ll take your word for it. Even though my search of the site for the word wasabi didn't turn up anything that I felt was similar.
jaksplat, Feb 08 2005

       Origins of Wasabi? It was tested on Giant Pandas before deemed fit for human consumption. Some of those little guys lost their minds in the process. Boycott Wasabi!
nicepalmtrees, Feb 08 2005

       Ahem .. pandas lost their minds from having sex with pandas.
reensure, Feb 09 2005

       Your Geography is correct UnaBubba. Wasabi is grown in Japan as you correctly state, yet is often exported these days. By way of example - do you live in Japan? I myself do not, and nor have I ever been fortunate enough to visit that country, yet like the Chinese Pandas have sampled this most potent of condiments (by the way whats up with that - haven't the Japanese heard of ketchup?)
nicepalmtrees, Feb 10 2005

       what, you mean the Japanese IMPORTED ketchup then? I would never have thought such a thing was possible :-)   

       Good for you with the ketchup ban, can't stand the stuff either.   

       I salute your etymological knowledge of east - Asian foodstuff origins, but I do doubt that in actuality many Japanese are in fact as you state, aware of this interesting and esoteric condiment based fact, as they pour it over their fries.
nicepalmtrees, Feb 10 2005

       thanks Bubba, youre the best
nicepalmtrees, Feb 10 2005

       Ketchup is a european invention, originally intended as a substitute soy sauce... it's not surprising that people who have real soy sauce don't eat ketchup.
goldbb, Feb 16 2010


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