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needle in a haystack

kind of....
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there should be a line of morning breakfast cereal... lets call it 'needlebix' (good name yeah?) with, say one in every 3 boxes have a few needles in them. this would make eating cereal much more exiting, but of course, it would have to have a warning on the box to avoid legal action.
panthaz paradise, Apr 14 2001


       I just remembered why it is we have a republic here in the U.S. rather than a full democracy.
beauxeault, Apr 14 2001

       Actually, if the "needle" wasn't actually a needle but some sort of fancy-looking, differently shaped bit of edible cereal, this could be a workable gimmick.
egnor, Apr 14 2001

       'exiting' = 'exciting'. Of course, if it was bran with prunes, it could be both...   

       Egnor's idea is better, this is just 'it's like food, but it kills you!' like we had with that one mook a little while back...
StarChaser, Apr 14 2001

       Egnor's idea is baked. Here in the UK we have a potato snack called Hula Hoops. There was a promotional gimmick whereby some of the Hula Hoops were square, instead of round. Find a square Hula Hoop in your packet, win a prize.
Rodomontade, May 17 2001


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