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For when most of what you write is garbage.
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This is a simple combination of two existing items, graphics tablets and those plastic pads I had as a child with the pink film that appeared brighter when you wrote on it that could be lifted to clear the image.

Put near the phone on a desk to quickly write stuff down, like a number or address or just to doodle. Computer would not even need to be on if used for a "temporary" purpose, such as "out to lunch" or "my boss is a wanker." If the number, name, erotic sketch etc. is vital, however, one press of the button could print and another save it to a file. Wouldn’t have to have the complexity of a Wacom art tablet, or the sensitivity, just enough to be legible and about the quality of a marker on paper. USB connection, obviously.

I know they have computerized whiteboards and whatnot now, but this could be made cheaper and more personal. Better than those crap pens that "remember" what you wrote.

JeremiahBritt, Dec 01 2004


       JB its called paper. I have millions of the bits with my half-witted stuff scribbled on it. cheap too.
po, Dec 01 2004

       I think there are way too many flavors of this baked.
theircompetitor, Dec 01 2004

       I use Mead Composition notebooks myself. They're very high-res.
jutta, Dec 02 2004

       "...Wouldn't have to have the complexity of a Wacom art tablet..."   

       Yeah, they are so . . . complicated aren't they?   

       Hey, I use Mead as well. The kind that hinge at the top.
bristolz, Dec 02 2004

       I meant complexity as in relation to price of manufacture, or at least market. (For instance, this pad would not need multiple levels of pressure sensitivity, multiple button functions or a complicated software package, not to mention it wouldn't technically be used as a mouse). I apologize for my typo. I have corrected it.
JeremiahBritt, Dec 02 2004

       My point is that of all the pointing peripherals I know, the Wacom is about the simplest to use. One doesn't have to use the extras, the buttons and such, to get fantastic utility out of the Wacom.
bristolz, Dec 02 2004


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